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Weekly Featured Link (Week of August 9):

August 9, 2010 You can listen, download, or podcast over 200 amazing shmuzim given by R' B. Shafier. You can also download the Halacha Boot Camps which include Hilchos Niddah Refresher, Hilchos Kashrus Refresher, Hilchos Teshuva and Hilchos Shabbos.
Als on the website, you can read, print or download The Shmuz Views; a 5 minute d'var torah.
You may also purchase a full CD collection of TheShmuz or order the Shmuz book.

Weekly Featured Link (Week of August 1):

August 1, 2010
RSA Links; It has many affiliate links and when you shop through those links, you help support Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim. (They have many major stores like, Artscroll etc.)

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Welcome to Jewish-Links

August 1, 2010
Welcome to Jewish-Links. This website is a comprehensive listing of links to be used as a portal to all Jewish websites.
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