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Oh no, the lens on my camera is stuck! How to fix it.

August 7, 2012
A very common problem when it comes to camera's is that the lens gets stuck and doesn't turn on as a result of that. The cause is very likely dust that is stuck in the lens cap.

Don' t despair, you might be able to fix it yourself (assuming that it's not under warrenty anymore and it doesn't pay to have it professionally fixed).

Check out this link- I used it and found it very helpful. (I successfully fixed a camera :). 


What would you do with $25,000?

July 18, 2012
Now is your chance to try and win $25,000. But it's even better than that. It's a win-win situation since you're helping support Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim Of Queens (Rabinical Seminary of America).

There is also a second prize of a full size Artscroll Shas.
You can buy 1 ticket for $50 or 3 for $120. If you want the most for your money than you can get 240 tickets for $5000.

How do you get in on this? Just follow this link.

And hurry. The raffle drawing will be on Sept. 13. 
Good luck!

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Buy a McAfee® Internet Security and make $5

July 11, 2012
Here's how you can not only get something for FREE, but you can make money off of it.

1) Go to your local Staples store (Click here to find a store near you.)
2) Find the McAfee Internet Security 2012.
It is on sale for  $49.99 and there is $6.99 instant savings.
To top that off it has a $43 mail-in rebate which makes it FREE.
NOW here's the trick: Click here to get a $5 off of an in- store purchase of $30 or more.
And there you have it; you just made $5. (Really it comes out less when you take sal...

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Get Money Back When You Spend Money

July 9, 2012
Shopping online is something that you probably do all the time. So once you buying something you might as well take advantage of getting cash back. I'll show you how.

 Click on this link and set up your account. When you make a new account you get to choose either a $10 gift card to Barnes & Noble's, The Home Depot, Target or or you can get $5 after you first use Ebates. (I picked the $5 since I didn't have any use for the gift cards, but that would depend on each persons ...
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How to make Gmail work properly in the Queens Library

May 18, 2012
How to make Gmail work properly in the Queens Library:
For some reason Gmail doesn’t work properly on the Queens Library computers.
You can fix by following these few simple steps:
1) Click on “Tools”.
2) Click on “Compatibility View Settings” in the pop- down menu.
3) Uncheck the “Display all websites in Compatibility View” checkbox.
4) Press “close”.
Your Gmail account should then reload and now it should work properly.

Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility for anything th...

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